The NFLCC 2000 National meet
as seen through the lens of Joe Ramirez

Here are some lures that were seen at the show in
Little Rock, Arkansas.

This year I didn't take as many pics as I usually do, but this is what I got.  As most of you know, I collect Expert Wooden Minnows, Casting Weights, and lures in Black Shore Minnow so a lot of these pics deal with these.  I only got a couple of pictures of other people's collections so I hope you enjoy what I did get.  Please send me some feedback and let me know what you think.

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Have you seen these minnow's?  I need an example of these preferably in similar condition.  Holzwarth Expert's from the collection of Bob Bulkley. nat00_10.JPG (11306 bytes) nat00_11.JPG (14878 bytes)

A couple of B.J.'s classic outboard motors.
The Evinrude is a canoe motor that would mount in the center of the canoe through the floor. 
nat00_14.JPG (83114 bytes)

Tom Schofield's Chippewa collection nat00_13.JPG (40466 bytes)

A 2hk Musky Keeling Expert from Steve Erb's collection. nat00_12.JPG (18194 bytes)

Here's what I picked up at the show:

No-eyed 3hk Keeling Expert in rare red head/white. nat00_1.jpg (26151 bytes)

Teeny Torpedo nat00_2.jpg (10123 bytes)

Creek Chub dealer display for casting weights (got this in trade). nat00_6.jpg (33443 bytes)
Dayton practice plug counter display nat00_5.jpg (33753 bytes)
Pflueger 1/4 oz. NIP, Garcia adjustable, Pelican, and a Heddon SOS body (lure blank?...casting weight?...who cares, its in my display case now!) nat00_4.jpg (28643 bytes)
Creek Chub 5/8 oz. with the brass cap (shown on the left). nat00_7.jpg (7169 bytes)

Here is something interesting I found at the show.  A lure that consists of a Keeling diving plane, a casting weight body, and a Musky Type II detachable hook!  I needed the hook for a Musky Expert I have so I took it off and displayed the lure in my casting weight collection.  Pretty cool, huh!?  The second pic is to show you the size difference between the Musky hook and the standard Type II and Type I hooks. nat00_8.jpg (13378 bytes) nat00_9.jpg (11053 bytes)

And last but not lease, an "O" minnow in strawberry spot by Heddon that I got just to look at. nat00_3.jpg (18263 bytes)

Hope you enjoyed looking through my lens.
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